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High Resolution Melt (HRM) is a powerful technique used immediately following PCR for the analysis of mutations, polymorphisms and epigenetic differences in double stranded DNA samples. Samples are characterised based on DNA strand dissociation behavior as temperature is increased in the presence of a fluorescent dye. HRM analysis exploits the differences in melt curve shapes and DNA melting temperature to discriminate sequence variations between samples.

qPCRBIO HRM Mix uses SyGreen 2, a third generation non-PCR inhibiting saturating dye which produces ultra-sensitive melt profiles capable of discriminating class I to IV mutations and CpG methylation differences. Unlike first generation dyes, SyGreen 2 can be used at high concentrations and does not have a different affinity for AT or GC rich sequences.

This 2x mix uses antibody-mediated hot start technology to prevent the formation of primer dimers and non-specific products, leading to improved reaction sensitivity and specificity. Combining the latest advancements in polymerase technology and advanced buffer chemistry we offer fast, reliable and cost effective HRM analysis with minimal or no optimisation required.


  • Accurate SNP genotyping
  • Gene scanning
  • CpG methylation analysis
  • Efficient specific amplification from GC rich and AT rich sequences